Moving to New Hampshire an option for the Freedom and Activity Oriented

New Hampshire is a big name in many circles, despite being the smallest of the states in terms of size. This state strives to make a name for it self when choosing the nation’s leaders during election years. New Hampshire has enacted a law saying that it will hold a presidential primary before any other state. While it maintains its first position in the presidential primaries, NH is not for big government. With a state motto is “Live Free or Die”, many of the state’s residents hold their freedoms dear. In fact, the “Free State Project” is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty loving residents to New Hampshire.

Politics aside, there are other reasons to consider living in New Hampshire, a.k.a. “The Granite State”. Regarding money matters, NH has a high median household income, with no state income or sales tax. If you want to live near higher education prospects, NH is home to several colleges and universities. These include Ivy League Dartmouth College, University of New Hampshire and Southern NH University.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, there are many things that you can do throughout the year. New Hampshire has the largest ski mountains on the East Coast, most notably Mount Washington. During the summer months Hampton Beach is a popular destination for those looking for a little sun. There are also many lakes and rivers throughout where you can enjoy all types of water activities. The New Hampshire Motor Speedway also hosts several activities for those interested in the sport.

For job prospects, your best bet would be in Southern New Hampshire, where most of the population is. You can consider Concord (state capital), Manchester (largest city) or Nashua (the 2nd largest city). If you are up for a bit longer commute, Southern New Hampshire is also about an hour drive to Boston. If you prefer a smaller community, there are numerous towns in Southern New Hampshire to call home. If New Hampshire sounds like a place you would like to live, do an Internet Search (i.e. Nashua movers) to find some professionals to help you relocate.

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