Albany Capital District Offers Quiet Living and Career Opportunities

If you have what it takes to work at a Fortune 500 company or leading technology firm, but don’t care for the congestion of living in a major metro area, consider what New York’s Capital District has to offer in terms of career opportunities and smaller-town living. You will find that you can get the best of each in Eastern New York state.

While New York City is in Eastern New York, it is in the Southern most part. The Capital District of New York is about 150 miles north, well beyond the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. In terms of population density, the most populated city in the area is Albany (with only about 100,000 residents). The surrounding communities have far fewer than that, and lie within a reasonable commuting distance to some Fortune 500 companies.

In terms of employment opportunities, Albany is home to several large companies like American Express, Merrill Lynch, General Electric, Verizon, Goldman Sachs and International Paper to name a few. If you are looking for more technical-specific work, you can also look into opportunities at IBM and the integrated circuit manufacturer GlobalFoundries. You can even study nontechnology at the State University of New York in Albany.

If the Albany Capital District sounds appealing, and you are able to secure gainful employment in the region, you can contact one of the Albany moving companies in the area to help with your relocation.

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